Silverman’s “Shlemiel”

This just in from Menachem Matthew Feuer, University of Waterloo, who writes to me on, and whom I asked about what he thought of Silverman’s comedy:
It’s funny that you ask. This summer I wrote a piece on Sarah Silverman and the Schlemiel for a journal called “Listening.” I’ve just written an essay on Woody Allen and the Schlemiel for a Blackwell Collection and I’m writing another one on Woody Allen and Andy Kaufman’s Schlemiel’s for a Brandeis collection on Woody Allen.

As for Sarah, my essay spins around a statement she made in her quasi-autobiography (the Bedwetter) that reeks of the Sartrean and the biological reading of the Jewish body. I contrasted that to a Levinasian type of reading of the schlemiel. Contrasting: Jewish particularity vs. Jewish singularity.


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